company history

From a single freelance developer to a outsource company with offices in multiple countries and a growing team of developers, consultants, and project managers.

  • 2015

    Start odbase

    In 2015 we started odbase. We opened 2 offices at the same time, 1 in Amsterdam and our development office in India, Lucknow. Currently, our team in India is about 15 developers and designers. And we are still growing every month.

  • 2016

    Hong Kong

    In 2016 we opened our sales office in Hong Kong. Working in Hong Kong allows us to work in the same time zone as our Asian customers and its the gateway to China where we work with manufacturing and sourcing partners on hardware related projects.

  • 2017


    This year we will open our 4th office in Berlin. Berlin is a hotspot for startups. To have our office in this location will help us and our customers to easily come-by for a coffee and discuss new opportunities This office will open on October 2017

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